Episode 1

A Monk, a Drunk, an Eladrin , and a Teifling walk into a bar… If you want to know how this "story" ends, you will have to follow the adventures of this ragtag band of ragamuffins as Mark Kerr leads them through the perilous and rewarding world of Dia.

Episode 2

Some asshole kicks everybody out the bar and then offers to pay the group to kill somebody.

Episode 3

On the way to the place with the guy the Pickle Gang wants to kill, they find an Inn which is overrun by Goblins.

Episode 4

The Inn is full of Goblins who need to get their asses kicked! Will the Pickle Gang do the ass kicking or will they be the ones whose asses are kicked?

Episode 5

I guess the owner of the Halfway Inn was into some kinky shit man. Oil of slipperiness? Seriously!?!?

Episode 6

Red Goblins, more like dead Goblins! Am I right?

Episode 7

The players level up but still fuck up. Finally made it to Tides Raw though.

Episode 8

The gang beats up a guard, strips him nude, and talks to some wolves all while preparing to invade Tides Raw.

Episode 9

Awd'ren has some drinks with some wolves and gets really emotional. The rest of the Pickle Gang proceeds with a plan to lure the bandits of Tides Raw into an ambush. It probably won't work...

Episode 10

The group explores the rest of the Fort of Tides Raw. The wolves have much needed information. After a short rest, the group breaches the doors to The Raw Tide Hotspring Hotel.

Episode 11

HOLY SHIT! The gory and brutal conclusion to the conflict between Flizelle and Steal verses The Pickle Posse. Who are truly the villains here?

Episode 12

First in our holiday series of episodes, the Pickle Gang explores the Raw Tide Hotel. Will they uncover the true motives of the Bishop? Naw, they're idiots.

Episode 13

The final battle with the Bishop begins! Will the Pickle Posse survive? Probably not...

Episode 13

The final battle with the Bishop begins! Will the Pickle Posse survive? Probably not...

Episode 14

The gang has a nice conversation with the Bishop and find out the truth behind his intentions on taking Tides Raw.

Episode 15

Tides Raw is free and it's citizens rejoice! The Pickle Jerks leave to investigate the Bishops final plan; a kidnapping of someone very important.

Episode 16

Happy New Years! The dwarven ruins prove to be less welcoming than a punch in the mouth. A classic D&D monster proves to be more than they bargained for. Bad kitty! Bad kitty! Bad kitty!

Episode 17

More Whip Kitty action with the added fun of stone statues in the next room! Statues are fun? No, not really.

Episode 18

Phase Spiders and Dwarven Puzzles...Oh My!

Episode 19

The conclusion of chapter one! The truth behind why everything in Halfway and Tides Raw is revealed! Will the revelation create an unrepairable fissure in the party?

Episode 20

Chapter 2 has begun! The gang reenters Sectus with a cautious purpose.  The Knightly Pillow offers a warm bed and colorful atmosphere as signs that they are still being followed linger.

Episode 21

The group talks about their first D&D experience. Stephin Globlonovich, a Tailor of fine clothing, receives the Pickle Gang and fits them for the Kings Gala Event where they are to be honored guests.  He likes large posteriors and finds it difficult to deceive others with regards to that fact.  Altheae signs up to participate in the arena while enjoying strange local food. Delraun forges something unknown and meets a new Dwarven friend.

Episode 22

Why do you build me up, Buttercup Baby, just to let me down and toss me around? But then worst of all, you never call baby when you say you will but I love you still. I need you more than anyone darlin. You're all that I had from the start. So why do you build me? Don't break my heart.

Episode 23

Sectus is a flurry with tourist and life awaiting the kings gala. Now outfitted with custom gear made by Delruan, the gang tests their mettle in the arena. Who is the familiar face that greets them in the arena?

Episode 24 - Recap #1

A lot has happened in the 23 episodes since the Pickle Posse met and started their journey together. Here is a look back at their first steps.

Episode 25 - Recap #2

Let recap of episode 2 remind you who pulls the strings.

Episode 26 - Recap #3

The beginnings of the gangs journey into the mystery of the Halfway Inn.

Episode 27 - Recap #4

PICKLE JUICE! The recap of the siege against the goblins and Garff, the Bugbear, occupiers of the Halfway Inn.

Episode 28 -

We're back! The Pickle Posse receives the spoils of combat and meet their arena foes in a different light.

Episode 29 -

Derdicules and his group prove to be a hilarious group... who might be working with The Liberators. Wait, wait, wait.... who?


Episode 30 -

Aw'dren and Aoide give the orphans some food. Altheae and Delraun find an old friend of Delraun's to ask for a favor.



Episode 31 -

So let's get a party going
Now it's time to party and we'll party hard
Let's get a party going
When it's time to party we will always party hard
Party hard



Episode 32 -

Sleep is for the weak and the heavily intoxicated. The ladies have a sleepover. The gentlemen have a throw-up-over.



Episode 33 -

Ever had someone wake you up abruptly? Ever had someone wake you up abruptly to kill you? Oh Pickle Posse, you all get into the craziest messes.


Episode 34 -



Episode 35 -

Can our favorite D&D party get out of the Kingdom? What will Sala do now that she has been dealt a bad hand of cards?


Episode 36 -

Producer Jesus hosts a story which takes place between the days before the royal dinner party. Althaea falls deathly ill; the party and a special guest character, played by DM Marker, journey to a small town to find a cure.


Episode 37 -

While looking for the cure to Athaea's sickness, a flower called "Midnight Violet", the Pickle Posse (plus a Derdicules) encounters ghostly figures in an abandoned mansion on the island where the flowery cure hides.


Episode 38 -

The Mansion proves to be strange and troubling. Ghosts repeating their last moments, mysterious artists, and the writings of a madman lead to a raunchy good time had by all.


Episode 39 -

The bedrooms and kitchen of the Manor provide more clues to what actually happened to this family of artists. Who is Mr. Tim Tom?


Episode 40 -

The exciting conclusion to The Midnight Violet Adventure! See who survives!!


Episode 41 -

Dorothy...I mean Altheae is having a strange time while being in a state of dying. The Posse seems different, very different.


Episode 42 -

Moving through Altheae's subconscious, her memories of her friends help her fight memory eating blob monsters. If they lose, Altheae may forget her friends and all they've been through...



Episode 43 -

Altheae's subconscious has created her Dad... have we ever met him? Oh what's going on?



Episode 44 -

The Witch's Keep should be the end but what will we learn about what is truly going on.



Episode 45 -

The dream is over. Back in Sectus, the Pickle Posse need to make attempts to flee. Before they leave they visit two locations, The Mage's Guild Tower/Mall and The Knightly Pillow.



Episode 46 -

The Knightly Pillow, a place of laughter and love for many in Sectus, is now overrun with fully armored knights hellbent on killing the Pickle Posse. Whatever shall they do?!?!



Episode 47 -

Prepare your tear ducts. The Posse deals with the pain of losing a valuable friend. Escaping Sectus resumes.