Meet the Team

Here are some jerks



Aw'Dren the Faithless

Aw’Dren the faithless, hopeless, hapless, and increasingly reluctant paladin: Raised in the coastal lumber and shipping town of GrimWater, dire consequences led him to abandon his duties and put his skills for hire, all while being celebrated as a “hero”. On leave from guarding a shipment to Sectus, he finds himself in the Fermented Cucumber and drafted into The Pickle’s Gang.



Delraun the Monk

Delraun, the aimless, fighting monk: Kicked out from all the temples that inhabit the mystical Northeast mountainous terrain of Sectus due to his unbridled fits of rage, he searches the land to find his way and his fortune. Befriending the streetwise Aoide, they use their skills to make coin by conning the local underground gambling and fight clubs.



Althaea the Sorceress

Althaea, the beautiful Eladrin Sorceress with a mysterious past: Beginning life as the wealthy heiress to a mercantile empire, she sought sanctuary from the judgments of the Elves of Ezlaria due to her physical peculiarities. Retreating to the swamps south of Sectus, she found the truth about her unique heritage. Raised by a wood witch to harness fantastic powers, she was bestowed a strange black opal upon  the death of her mentor, Althaea travels the kingdom of Sectus to see if she can unlock the secrets of the gifts she has acquired.



Master of Dungeons

Master of both the dungeons and the dragons, Mark Kerr is a lover of all the fantastic things. Show your love by saying Markerr Sucks in the comments on Youtube.



Aoide the Bard

Aoide the sly and shifty Teifling Bard: Believed to be the last of her kind, Aoide was trained in the alleyways of Sectus to be a wily street-tough that could survive in the most dangerous environments and circumstances. Using insults as sharp as her music, her skills make her an invaluable asset who aims to join the Foxes Guild to finally make some steady coin.



Producer of Magic

The one who magically brings us to you. The hardest working person in showbiz because all the other ones died. Also he puts up with the rest of us. Show your love by saying Thank you Jesus in the comments on YouTube.